Our solutions enable users to increase resourcefulness, no matter their industry, by transforming the way they heat their buildings. 

From hospitals and educational facilities to commercial developments and district heat networks, Recirc Energy can equip customers with the specific solutions they require.


Is this solution right for me?

Location is crucial.

Free source of heat

Opportunity to upgrade your existing heating and cooling system to one that significantly reduces your carbon footprint

Is this solution economically feasible?

We'll help you decide.

We know that each situation is unique and will assist you as you assess the viability of our heating solution. We have vast experience in Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) funding and can also help you navigate this process.

With carbon reduction targets coming into play, you may not be able to afford not to make a change. Embracing the cost associated with future-proofing your operations now can save you potential headache in the future.

Interested in learning how you can capitalize on a wasted energy resource to generate heat?

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